Federal retirement made clear with these 3 simple steps.

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When it comes to talking about one’s federal benefits, many people are so confused they don’t know where to start. Retirement Benefits Institute offers resources for individuals to understand their benefits so they can effectively plan for a confident retirement.

We know how hard it is to learn the many details of federal benefits and have helped thousands of federal employees gain that clarity about retirement. And when you gain clarity on what your bring home income will be, it’s then that you can easily say “I’m ready to retire!”.

Retirement Benefits Institute provides online federal benefit trainings. These trainings may include benefit topics including eligibility rules, FEHB, Social Security, Medicare, TSP, Roth and taxes. In operation since 2010, Retirement Benefits Institute dedicates its every resource to learning federal retirement regulations and how to best teach them in an easy-to-understand manner, and how to apply them to an individual’s needs. Our training team of seasoned professionals has 20-plus years of training experience including a CPA that understands how to integrate federal benefits with long-term tax implications. We provide benefit and retirement education to federal employees, and have trained over 12,000 federal employees.

In any of our Online Trainings and federal resources, you will:

  1. Learn more about your federal benefits.
  2. Exchange confusion for clarity by determining what your pension income will be in retirement.
  3. Apply this information to your own retirement plan. Retirement Benefits Institute will help you be ready to retire!

In today’s day and age, there is a ton of federal retirement information on the web. And sometimes too much information can easily cause confusion. This confusion can lead to a lack of planning for retirement. The lack of planning could end in not having enough money to retire. Do you really want to go back to work in retirement? Once you understand your federal benefits clearly, your confusion will be exchanged for clarity. Having clarity then allows you to effectively create a plan for a confident retirement.

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