6 Helpful Retirement Tips to Stay Ahead

6 helpful retirement tipsGrowing older is not the end of the road but only the beginning. Its not the rest of your story but the best part of your story. You have reached a point in your life where your days are yours to do as you please. Avoid the beliefs that aging makes you feeble and sickly. Disregard the thoughts that aging leads to memory loss and inabilities to take care of one’s self. All of these thoughts may not apply to you in federal retirement. The golden years will be what you make of them. They can be filled with good health, purpose and happiness.

Since the golden years are inevitable for us all, provided are 6 helpful retirement tips to consider that may make the aging process easier.

Federal Retirement Service History

Federal Retirement Service HistoryWe encourage federal employees on the way to federal retirement to occasionally pause and make sure they are on the correct course. Before a federal employee can be confident that they’re on the right path, consider these statements to affirm retirement readiness.

I have accurately calculated my service history for retirement purposes.

It is possible for you to have multiple Service Computation Dates (SCD). You have an SCD for leave purposes and an SCD for federal retirement purposes. It’s important to know the difference between the two.

2019 IRA & TSP Contribution Limits on the Rise

TSP ContributionPersonal savings or Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) contributions could be an important part of the retirement picture for both FERS and CSRS employees. Most federal employees will not be able to meet all of their retirement income needs with their annuity alone. They may also need to draw substantially upon their savings.

6 Social Security Changes in 2019

Welcome to a new year readers. We survived 2018! What does 2019 have in store for us? This week’s blog will address the Social Security changes in 2019 that have been put into place.

Below are 6 Social Security changes in 2019.

Reinventing Yourself – Prepare for Life after Federal Employment

Reinventing YourselfIn nature and in life, things tend to progress in cycles. Think of the cycle of your working career. In the beginning, you invest a lot of time in your federal career. Over time, there is a period of growth when things begin to go well. You learn more about your position, develop more skills and become more familiar with your role. At some point your professional growth reaches a standstill. Before that happens, you may consider reinventing yourself, not professionally but personally.

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