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FERS Retirement Age

FERS Retirement Age

Unspoken Rules Every Fed Should Know About The Minimum Retirement Age + 10 Provision

Considering leaving the federal government before you reach full FERS retirement age but do not know if it is an option? Well look no further. It is possible for a FERS federal employee to retire under his or her Minimum Retire Age (MRA) as long as they have at least 10 years of federal service. The Minimum Retirement Age is based on the year a federal employee was born. To determine a federal employee’s Minimum Retirement Age, FERS employees may use the following chart.

Medicare versus FEHB

Medicare versus FEHB Case Study – John Mark

In an effort to provide real-life situations to show how the different federal benefits apply, we will be presenting hypothetical situations and potential solutions each month. This month we present the case study – Medicare versus FEHB or the Federal Employee Heath Benefit. All names and situations are fictional and for educational purposes only.

FERS Retirement Calculator

FERS Retirement Calculator

FERS Retirement CalculatorThinking about federal retirement as a FERS employee and have questions about whether it is possible? The question we are most often asked is: “How much money will I have when I retire?” Retirement Benefits Institute has now developed a new FERS Retirement Calculator in order to help answer those haunting questions. The FERS Retirement Calculator is a useful tool designed specifically to help FERS employees build a solid plan for federal retirement.

Can I take a TSP withdrawal in retirement?

TSP withdrawal in retirementRetirement requires you to shift your thinking. After accumulating funds in the Thrift Savings Plan for a whole working career, it can be frightening and difficult to transition into the withdrawal stage. But remember, you socked away all those savings so that you can take a TSP withdrawal in retirement.

There are limited options for taking a TSP withdrawal in retirement. While preparing for retirement, it is important to know what your options are.

Why do my FEGLI premiums increase in retirement?

We are often asked in our federal retirement trainings: Why do my FEGLI premiums increase when I retire?

FEGLI premiums increaseThe Federal Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) is the largest group life insurance program in the world. While it provides coverage to over 4 million Federal employees and retirees, it also ensures care to many of their family members as well. The need for life insurance is different for everyone. As retirement draws nearer, your family’s need for life insurance may be something to consider.

One question that you may ask yourself when considering life insurance: “What purpose can life insurance serve me?”

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