Are you ready to retire

Becoming Emotionally Prepared

are you ready to retireMoving from your decades-long career to a new era of retirement is a significant transition. For many federal employees, profession defines who they are and provides structure in their life. Are you ready to retire? Are you emotionally ready for the shift? Bringing your plans and dreams for federal retirement into a roadmap will help you successfully navigate this new phase of life. Before you retire, you can map out your new identity and purpose for the next (potentially) 30 years. Leverage the motivational power of a bucket list!

Significant Decision Points

Timing is critical in your transition into federal retirement. The age at which you retire has an impact on your overall federal retirement situation, both emotionally and financially. Deciding when to retire from the federal government is the product of a variety of factors.

When Should I Retire

When Should I Retire?

When Should I RetireOne of the common questions we receive from federal employees is, when should I retire? Of course, choosing a retirement date depends on many personal factors such as eligibility, finances, and emotions, but let’s discuss the best day of the year to retire. The most important factor in determining a retirement date is knowing when the federal pension will actually be received. Federal pension payments begin the month after the federal pension becomes effective; those receiving a pension are paid one month in arrears. As with many things, the rules on effective dates differ between FERS and CSRS.

Finding a Financial Planner

Finding a Financial Planner

Finding a Financial PlannerWith the proliferation of scams and Ponzi schemes, many federal employees are understandably wary when choosing professional help and advice for managing savings growth and retirement planning. Other federal employees may have stories of getting burned, so it can seem like a daunting task. Finding a financial planner may be one of the most important financial decisions that a federal employee will ever make.

Phased Retirement

Phased Retirement: How You Can Participate

In 2014, OPM created an opportunity for full-time federal employees to work a part-time schedule while receiving federal retirement benefits known as Phased Retirement. This allows managers and administrative staff to lighten their heavy work load, all the while training others to one day take their place.

Phased Retirement Eligibility

  • Must be eligible for immediate federal retirement.
  • For CSRS employees, one must have at least 30 years of service and at least age 55, or 20 years of service at age 60.
  • For FERS employees, one must have at least 30 years of service and at minimum retirement age or 20 years of service at age 60.
  • Must have been full time for the past 3 years.
  • Cannot be a Special Provisions employee (LEO, ATC, FF).
  • Has to be voluntary and approved by both the federal employee and the federal agency.


    Would VERA-VSIP Work for You?

    VERA-VSIP Description
    VERA-VSIPVoluntary Early Retirement Authority (VERA) is a program designed to help restructure or reduce the civilian workforce, create vacancies for employees subject to involuntary separation by reduction in force (RIF), and avoid the need for involuntary separations during RIF. The program must be approved by OPM before an agency can offer VERA. In other words, this provides approved agencies with flexibility and provides federal employees the opportunity to receive an immediate annuity before they would normally be eligible.

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